As a photographer, I feel that it is my job is to help you to enjoy your images for years to come.
It's nice to have digital images to share online, but there's nothing like the joy of seeing those images that you love so much gracing the walls of your home, sitting as a conversation piece in your coffee table, making you smile and truly cherish them and share them with people that come visit you.

I work with a professional lab that does wonderful work, not just at matching the colors of my pictures to perfection, but also providing high quality / products. From Canvas, to prints to those incredible Photo books, they are lovely and truly are the best way to display your photos.


      4x6: $15   

     5x7: $25    

 8x10: $35

 11x14:  $50

            16x20: $98           

      20x30: $150     

 Fine Art Metal Prints

5x7: $80

8x10: $130

11x14: $250

16x20: $380

16x24: $450

20x30: $580

24x30: $650

24x36: $700


 Photo Books

Custom designed Genuine Leather Albums.
Archival quality, a memory that will last forever.
Up to 20 pages (additional pages at extra cost)

 4x6: $450

5x5: $570

5x7: $690

6x4: $810

8x8: $980

8x10: $1090

10x10: $1290

11x14: $1510

12x12: $1790

 Purchasing Extra Digital Images-Retouched


1 image: $30

10 images: $270

15 images: $400

25 images: $680

35 images: $950


High Resolution Digital Images are retouched for color correction and sharpening, enhancing the sky and image.

- Retouched :  Eyes are brightened, teeth are whitened, wrinkles are softened, sun spots and acne is removed, skin is softened and has a more refreshed look,etc.
- Custom editing fee applies for severe acne, tattoo removal, slimming effects (double chins, waistline, etc.) or special customer requests. Inquire for custom editing.


 Keepsake USB

 Custom Flash Drive { USB Only } $75

Keepsake Flash Drive { USB Only } & Custom Keepsake Box: $150

These make great gifts or something special to put your images on & keep them safe. They are custom made at a Pro Lab.

 Creative Fine Art Editing

 Per Image: $300

Let me turn your Image into pure Fine Art with my Creative editing. I can turn any image into something magical & over the top. That will stand out & look like Art.