Locations are tricky when it comes to Las Vegas, the desert can provide some beautiful canvases for photos but its not your lushest green east coast scenery. There are so many gorgeous locations in Las Vegas to shoot!  Each location offers a different feel through the different seasons.  Whether you are looking for family portraits with a urban feel or a nature feel, I got you covered!  Below are the places I have personally experienced and photographed at, however I am always welcome to suggestions as new places would be wonderful to discover.



NELSONS GHOST TOWN – This is a favorite, with old buildings, cars and random aged collectibles it makes for a wonderful shooting location. Its very desert and very vintage. There are over 60 old cars, trucks, buses and of course a perfectly isolated street. (NOTE: There is a $10/hour fee to shoot here) As well as a travel fee.


WETLANDS – This is a huge, hidden jewel. The wetlands consist of trees, water, and more trees. Its an interesting place with lots of potential. Its located off Boulder Hwy and Tropicana, to which you would follow the signs to the main visitor center and can enter the park in many ways.


FLOYD LAMB/TULE SPRINGS – Its one of the only locations to see huge leaves in the Fall/Winter. This is a big park, but the best shooting area is in the first parking lot with the buildings, gazebo, white fence, and bridge. There are also peacocks and geese that run wild, so its beautiful. (NOTE: There is a $6/car fee) As well as a travel fee.


DOWNTOWN – This is a fun place located in downtown Las Vegas. Its provides a more urban, fun, hip and colorful place for photographs of any kind.

LAKE LAS VEGAS –  This is a popular location and really easy to get to. There are waterfalls, a lake of course, grass, fountains, bridges, stone, and a Gazebo. Its also one of the only locations to have a 50 ft tree to photograph in front of for Christmas!